The Island of Vihn Loc Explodes as the US forces try to take back the Island hamlets from the Vietcong and place them back in the hands of their rightful inhabitants. A massing a large assault on the Island via Helicopter, PBR, and Harbor Utility Vehicle. The US Forces hope the morning fog will help them slip past the Vietcong air and ground defenses and allow them to secure the hamlets nestled within the jungle paradise.

As the Vietcong, secure the Island and hold it against the invading US Forces. You must hold 3 of the flags to keep the ticket bleed going against the US Forces.

As the US, land your force on the Island and wrest control of it from the Vietcong. It will require you as the US Forces to hold 3 of the flags to start the ticket bleed and defeat the enemy.


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