As a US Soldier. Take the controls of a Cobra Gunship, Huey or Loach. Fly an AD 4 Skyraider in support of your fellow soldiers. Attack the NVA positions. Capturing the West Village and destroying the Gaz-69 will allow a M551 Sheridan tank to spawn. Use it to defeat your enemy. You MUST control two flags to start the ticket bleed against the NVA.

As a NVA Soldier, Fly your Mig 17 in support of your fellow soldiers. Prevent the US from reaching the shore and Villages. Man the AA guns and shoot down those attacking helicopters! Protect your flags with the Type 70 MLRS vehicle. Use your Gaz-69 vehicles as support and to travel between flags. You MUST hold all flags to keep the ticket bleed going against the US to help defeat them.


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