EoD classic 1.00 preview
08/17/2008 - 11am

While 0.90 is released I'm working on a brandnew AI for 1.00.
Bots will get an improved pathfinding and you'll see them at places where they've never been before.
Also graphics will be improved and you'll see reflections for example on vehicle glass.
The MIG-17 is looking like real chrome in 1.00 :D

Some new weapon kits and missing icons will be added:
- Russian Advisor
- Chopper Pilot
- Jet Pilot
- perhaps NVA with Bajonett

Australians and ARVN have their own icons now.
Of course some new maps will be added and maps without gameplay-fun will be improved. But the main thing will be a much better AI !
This map is called 'Heart Of Darkness' and was made by IKE.

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