Battlefield 1942 Masterserver Shutdown
07/29/2014 - 6:00 pm

12 years ago EA released Battlefield 1942. Though there were some hundreds players still loving and playing the old game they decided to shut off the (Gamespy) master server. This will cause a crash or hanging program if you select 'Internet Game'.

But there are some simple ways to get the game working again:

The best and *imho* simplest way is to change the Windows hosts file and add a new master server to the list. This server is made by the community and it works fine with BF1942 just like the old Gamespy server.

Just go to and follow the informations. This is done in 5 seconds!

Thanks to --=[aX]=-- for this service!

If you hesitate to edit Windows system files you may use a simple tool like HLSW or Xfire to connect to a server.

download version 1.1.6 from and install it.
Now run HLSW and at the start page where you're asked for account data just click 'offline' (without any data).
Then go to HLSW options and set the game path for BF1942.exe.

Now add a server to the server list.
Important: HLSW needs the IP and 2 ports to work properly.
BF1942 normally has port 14567 and the second port is 23000.
Some servers use 14568 and 23001.

So if you want to add hslan server just type in:

You can connect by right clicking on the server.

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