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12.01.2014 - 20:51

Hey folks,

just a short update about the upcoming new EoD-3 (Redux) cause there has not been much information in the past months.
It's because I'm very busy with coding ;)

The game is going fine and there are more than 140 vehicles right now. Also there are known vehicles from EoD-1 (classic), some have been removed cause they didn't exist in Vietnam War, but some will be new and these really did exist.
For example the F104 'Starfighter', the Cessna O-1/L19 'Birddog' and the O-2 'Skymaster'. Also there will be new choppers like the Mil 'MI-2', Sikorsky 'H-34' and many many more!

Also there will be new land vehicles like the australian 'Centurion' tank, the SU-100 or M-42 'Duster', lots of new cars, trucks and also bikes!

25 single- and multiplayer maps will be available and maybe some more till release. One of it is the fantastic Hanoi Hilton map and also Hue Imperial Palace will be in the built. And believe me - it's looking very very awesome :)

Since January I've been very busy with doing some office jobs and establishing the company. I've named it 'Agger-Interactive' and the website is available at (but it's just in fledgling stages).

The game itself will be available at / (but this website is in 'incoming stage' :D )

Please understand that I don't want to release much of the new content here but on the new websites in near future.

Right now I cannot say an exact release date cause there's still a lot to do to get it all working fine. And of course everything has to be tested before release and unfortunately this will take some more time to wait. Maybe in spring or summer (I still hope it) !

Hope to see you in the jungle again :)

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