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05/15/2013 - 11:45am

I've noticed that it's a lot of work creating a new game :smoke:
It's not just going out and shoot some photos for texturing or recording sounds for the environment.
There's a lot more to do, but I'm pretty sure it's possible.

I've decided to publish 3 screenshots though the game is still 'unofficial'.
These pics are just to give you some impressions of what the game will look like.

Impressions of Truong Son Chasm

Here are some rough estimated statistics of the work on EoD-3:

Day: 135
Hours of work: more than 1400
Status total: about 35%
Devs: 1
Freelancers: 2
Testers: 10
Levels in progress: 12
Static models: more than 2000
Playermodels: 0% done
Vehicle models: 20% done
Code: network: 60% done
Code: aircrafts: 1% done
Code: cars and trucks: 50% done
Code: helicopters: 50% done
Code: boats and ships: 50% done
Code: handweapons: 90% done
Code: playerstatistics: 10% done
Code: damage system: 0% done
Code: flag capture system: 90% done
Code: spawn system: 75% done
Code: AI: 20% done
Code: website: 0% done
Code: shop: 0% done
Code: language translation: 30% done
Sounds: environment: 90% done
Sounds: player voices: 0% done
Sounds: music: 70% done

Impressions of The Ricepaddies

Playable pre-alpha-test: 75% done

Release Deadline: end of 2013 / spring 2014.

Impressions of Tropical Heat

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