Eve of Destruction - Fishing MOD
05/29/2011 - 10:00 pm

Sometimes while playing on a server I dreamed about fishing at some beautifull places in EoD.

There are so much lakes and rivers in the game and I asked myself if it would be possible to create a fishing rod as a 'weapon' and fishes as bots *lol*

Of course it's not possible and the game has some restricions that will prevent you to create such a mod.

Well, the idea was strongheaded and didn't get out of my mind.
So I looked for some fishing games around there in the web and I stumbled over FishSim, still one of the best fishing simulators out there.
For a test I loaded the free FishSim 1 demo and began to modify and here's the result.

Fishing in Cedar Falls map :D

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