EoD Classic v2.30 preview
12/03/2010 - 10:00 am

Todays news is a bunch of short videos.

The Train Experiment
The train is not yet perfect but it works. Unfrequently it jumps the rail but most of the time it's on the right track :)
The first video is a lap around the new map 'Train Attack' and one round is almost about 5 minutes !

Smoke grenades
This is a new tactical weapon offering completely new ways to attack the small entrance of Hue City :D

Molotov Cocktail
Burn baby burn.
Another new weapon for v2.30.
A bot throwing a Molotov Cocktail towards a M-132.

Claymore and AP mines
Nothing is impossible. Apache Thunder has coded AP mines for BF42 and we have implemented the code in EoD so we can use AP and claymore mines.
The code is very well and it ensures that only enemies will detonate on the mines, but no teammates !

Release: still in 2011. With the words od 3DRealms: 'when it's done' :)

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