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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar EoD Classic 2.20 - Preview
06/22/2010 by Lotte.EoD-1
We are back with some news about EoD classic 2.20.
Ike has made progress in modeling some new buildings for EoD.
We have got some new houses and trenches for special maps.

On a boring and lazy sunday afternoon I've made this map conversion for EoD.
It was just for fun to see how it will go with EoD.
It's the very famous Counter-Strike map called 'de_dust'.
Well, I was surprised how good it is with the bots in EoD !
I'm pretty sure this will give a lot of fun to the new version

And here's another sequel of the Que Son Valley series.
We have Que Son Valley, Que Son Valley - Aftermath and with 2.20 we'll get Que Son Valley - The Prelude.
All these maps take place in the same valley and you'll see some well known things again.

Finally there's a new map called Ho Chi Temple.

Also we'll have some new vehicles in EoD. Ike has build a river raft to cross rivers wich are to wide to swim. In Crash Point Baker for example.
And we will release a very old present from US Intervention mod: the T-62 tank.
This tank was in the build since v0.46 but never had been released. Sarge 31FR from BG42 mod has made new code for it so we are able to use it now.
Ok ok, the T-62 was not used in Vietnam - we know it - but it will be a nice add-on in one ore two maps.

Our plan is to have a release in autumn 2010 with a bunch of about 200 maps !
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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar EoD Classic 2.20 - Learning by doing
05/28/2010 by Lotte.EoD-1
Ike is making progress in modelling some new buildings for EoD.
Who ever has tried to do this knows about the troubles and difficulties

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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar EoD Classic 2.20 - Preview
05/18/2010 by Lotte.EoD-1
After a short break we are back to the jungle with some screenshots.
While ike has started to create his first models, Jackson is creating a conversion of BF42's Mimoyecques and I have finished two new maps and a remake of an older EoD map.

So here's the first preview of 2.20:

New map
Jungle Warfare

Jungle Warfare is a 100% based infantry map with a lot of hideouts.

New map
Brothers in arms

B.I.A. is a very detailed map with a large viewdistance and lots of vehicles. No way to hide for the bots and snipe without getting spotted
The map has got a brandnew skybox and a new method of getting water over the standard BF42 water-level. It's a small lake in the hills and just an experiment.

Tonkin Air Engagement

T.A.E. was not a favorite map of the players. It was unrealistic and boring to get the flags in the sky with an endless number of planes and got shot down again and again.
The new version will have the old base for NVA soldiers and 4 flags on small islands. US will attack from a carrier and a landing beach wich also can be captured.

Very early WIP
DaNang House

This is a first try in creating new models since 5-6 years. Don't forget - it's a very very early WIP and I think ike has deserved some applause for his enthusiasm to learn this for the mother of all battles

Release will be some day...perhaps this year...you know...when it's done (based loosely on ... 3D Realms - Duke Nukem Forever)
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TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2's Avatar Project Reality: Vietnam
04/04/2010 by TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2
April Fool's everyone!

That's right, the announcement of Project Reality: Vietnam on April 1 is real, and is currently being worked on by the Eve of Destruction and Project Reality Teams. The teams successfully fooled the PR community into thinking it was a joke. You guys here at EoD didn't fall for it.

A sampling of reactions to the original news post, (from the PR Forums):

Stealth Clobber:
"I sometimes doubt the intelligence of the player base when they can't tell immediately that this is a joke. A new PR mod, announced less than a month after PR Arma2, and still in BF2, in VIETNAM, conveniently on April Fools Day.
Come on now lol"

"Plausible, but complete bullshit."

"Most fail April Fool's joke ever....
It made me /facepalm.
As soon as it saw it on my forum's RSS Feed, I was like wow PR just pulled the most fail April Fool's joke ever..."

"This could be an awesome idea if it wasn't an april fools joke.!"

For the last few months, a few members of Project Reality Studios have been secretly working on merging the award winning modification, Project Reality, and the Black Sand Studios modification, Eve of Destruction. With the famous PR game play, mixed with the expansive Eve of Destruction content, the Project Reality Team will bring you new maps, vehicles, weapons, strategies, and experiences.

Some more screen shots to whet your appetite:

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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar EoD classic 2.10 - Release: Update
04/03/2010 by Lotte.EoD-1
Sry ike, I've forgotten to add the new map King of the hill to 2.10's changelog !
The map is new in 2.10 and was build by ike. See screenshots in our EoD-BF1942 missions section !

King of the hill
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Lotte.EoD-12's Avatar EoD classic 2.10 - Release / Project Reality Vietnam
04/01/2010 by Lotte.EoD-12
EoD - Battlefield 1942

Here we go...it's patchday

2.10 download mirrors

For full installation you need installer files 1-5 !
For patch installation 2.0 to 2.10 you need files 1-3 !

At the moment we are looking for mirrors cause traffic will slow down the servers and right now there are some networking problems. If you can't find any working link please come back later !

EoD - Battlefield 2

The Devs from Project Reality Mod have posted a Vietnam Mod Trailer.
It's called PR:V - Project Reality:Vietnam


Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar EoD Classic 2.10 - final update
03/27/2010 by Lotte.EoD-1
EoD classic version 2.10 is finished.
We'll have some final tests and to build the installers for release in about a week.

Here are the latest maps.

The first is a BF1942-RTR conversion for EoD. The original map was called 'Anzio'.
Operation Bribie

Also ike has build another map, called
Search & Destroy

And we are very happy that Jackson is back with another detailed map called
Quang Tri City

Full sized map screenshots are stored in our EoD-BF1942 Missions section !

Prepare your cable for another fat download
The release will be available as a full version and a patch !
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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar EoD Classic 2.10
03/19/2010 by Lotte.EoD-1
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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar EoD Classic 2.10 / some updates
03/12/2010 by Lotte.EoD-1
The website has been updated: servers and team section.

Some screenshots of EoD-classic have been updated cause EoD 2.10 will have improved versions of these maps:

A Shau
Mekong Delta

The following maps have been added (coming with 2.10):

Creek Valley

Dragons Jaw

Lost Patrol

There are several new effects and lot of vehicles with better physics.
And we will have Agent Orange in 2.10 (C-130/Huey), of course not as a weapon but a simple effect feature.

Release will be in April/may 2010.
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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar Upcoming EoD Classic 2.10 patch
02/15/2010 by Lotte.EoD-1
We'll have some bugfixes and improvements for EoD classic in the near future.
A lot of vehicle physics have been improved - especially the planes.
Some of the new maps from 2.0 needed improvements wich is done now.
And of course there have been lots of new map-ideas wich will be implemented in 2.10 !

New converted BF1942 maps are:
Hat Dich (Salerno)
Ho Sanh (Husky)

New true EoD maps are:
Lost Village (upon an idea from DC Lost Village)
Valley Assault
Xa Loi Pagoda

Finally the racing-fun map Jocoseness has been reset to a race-only map and the other things have been removed.
And finally Closefire Night has been totally rebuild.

All new maps are stored in our BF1942 / missions section !

Lost Village preview:
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