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TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2's Avatar M274 'Mechanical Mule'
02/16/2008 by TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2
The M274 Mule was introduced in 1956 to supplement both the 1/4 ton trucks ("Jeeps") and 3/4 ton trucks (Weapons Carrier Series and M37 series) in airborne and infantry battalions. 11,240 Mules were produced between their introduction and 1970 when production ceased. They were used throughout the Vietnam Conflict and other U.S. military operations until the 1980s as platforms for various weapons and for carrying men, supplies, and weaponry/ammunition. They offered absolutely no protection to the driver yet that was relatively unimportant as they were mainly used as cargo carriers and medium-range infantry support vehicles rather than close-combat anti-infantry vehicles.


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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar Website updates
02/12/2008 by Lotte.EoD-1
New missions and maps screenshots have been uploaded.
Also armies, weapons and vehicles will be updated in the next few days.

We've got a lot of nice feedback for EoD 0.80 and want to say thanyou all
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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar Eve of Destruction 0.80 Client Release
02/08/2008 by Lotte.EoD-1
Done ! Eve of Destruction 0.80 is released !

IMPORTANT: before installing the new (full) version you'll have to delete any older versions of EoD manually !

For download mirrors and installation instructions goto http://www.eod-classic.de.vu !

Now what's new in this release ?
Nearly everything

We've got new code, new AI, new sounds, new vehicles for coop, new effects, buildings, vegetation and last but not least new maps.

Linux and Windows server is running fine now and all maps have been added to campaign and CTF mode !

Official EoD 0.80 Server: [hslan] EoD 0.80
Location: Europe / Germany

New maps are:
Agent Orange

Battle at Quang Tri

Easter Offensive

Pho Nung

Revised maps (almost new maps):
Aftermath, Battle_of_Hue, Bridge_Ruin, Brown_Water_Navy, Cowboys_From_Hell, Crash_Point_Baker, DaNang, Eclipse, Face_To_Face, Frontal_Attack, Good_Morning_Vietnam, H_Mong, Jocoseness, Khe_Sanh, Lan_Cao_Bridge, LangVei, Main_Supply_Route, Operation_Prairie_The_Prelude, Papa_Oscar_Whiskey, Run_Through_The_Jungle, Shar_Min_Village, Sunset_Island, Surrounded, Tet_Offensive, The_Rice_Paddies, We_Were_Soldiers, We_were_Soldiers_once

The Rice Paddies

Special thanks go to Sarge31FR from battlegroup 42 mod for code revision and
Natty Wallo from FH Tournament mod for new vegetation and buildings.

Also special thanks go to all betatester for all the work they have done while testing many hours on- and offline.
Ric, Ike, Dr. Seltsam, GeneSimmons, Mani, Stiermichl1966, Major Konig, t0pa, lautlos, titania !
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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar Eve of Destruction 0.80 Server release
02/07/2008 by Lotte.EoD-1
EoD classic v.80 serverfiles have been released.
Client files will follow as soon as the upload is finished !

Serveradmins can download the new server version at Filefront.

Before you install the new version please delete any older version of EoD !
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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar Another WIP
01/19/2008 by Lotte.EoD-1
We'll have a short delay with 0.80 so the release will not be finished this month.

All vehicles have been re-coded and tons of networkables have been added.
All sounds (yes it's true!) have been fixed and are available in 11, 22 and 44 khz now.
All maps have been checked with debugger to fix every critical bug.
All maps have been checked for wrong pathfindings to get the AI work better.

Two vehicles that have been released in conquest but not in COOP mode will work now:
the M109 (US)

and the BMP-1 (NVA)

Cause the vehicles have been fixed and got new AI code the bots will use every car, plane, heli and weapon now so you'll see a brandnew EoD-AI in 0.80. And I think the changelogfile will have about 1 MB

Here's another WIP, the map is called Pho Nung and it's one of 4 new and 13 totally revised maps:

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TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2's Avatar The F4 Phantom
01/19/2008 by TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2
Hey gang! Another news post today. Today we'd like to showcase one of my most favorite fixed winged aircraft. The F4 Phantom II.

The F-4 Phantom was designed as a fleet defense fighter for the U.S. Navy, and first entered service in 1960. By 1963, it had been adopted by the U.S. Air Force for the fighter-bomber role. When production ended in 1981, 5195 Phantom IIs had been built, making it the most numerous American supersonic military aircraft. Until the advent of the F-15 Eagle, the F-4 also held a record for the longest continuous production with a run of 24 years. Innovations in the F-4 included an advanced pulse-doppler radar and extensive use of titanium in its airframe.

The F-4 could carry up to 18,650 pounds (8,480 kg) of weapons on nine external hardpoints, including air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, and unguided, guided, and nuclear bombs. Since the F-8 Crusader was to be used for close combat, the F-4 was designed, like other interceptors of the day, without an internal cannon; however, should it be engaged in visual range dogfights, the radar was assisted by the Weapons Systems Officer in spotting opposing fighters. It became the primary fighter-bomber of both the Navy and Air Force by the end of the Vietnam War.

At the time of the Tonkin Gulf incident, 13 of 31 deployable Navy squadrons were armed with the type. F-4Bs from Constellation made the first Phantom combat sortie of the Vietnam War on 5 August 1964, flying bomber escort in Operation Pierce Arrow.

At first reluctant to adopt a Navy fighter, the USAF quickly embraced the design and became the largest Phantom user. The first Air Force Phantoms in Vietnam were F-4Cs from the "Triple Nickel" 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron which arrived in December 1964. Unlike the Navy, the Air Force initially flew its Phantoms with a rated pilot in the back seat rather than a weapon/targeting systems officer (later designated as weapon systems officer or WSO), and all USAF Phantoms retained dual flight controls.

From the initial deployment of the F-4 to Southeast Asia, USAF Phantoms performed both air superiority and ground attack roles, supporting not only ground troops in South Vietnam but also conducting bombing sorties in Laos and North Vietnam.

Both of our F4 Phantoms are equipped to perform well in these roles within EoD. Each aircraft is loaded with Rockeye MK-82 bombs and can also be fitted with Napalm Canisters. The F4 also contains a nose mounted gun pod for air to air defense. In addition to the gun pod, aim 9 sidewinder missles are standard. The RIO has Mavrick air to surface rockets at his disposal.

All in all, the F4 Phantom II is an aircraft to be feared and respected in the skies over Vietnam. Look for this exciting aircraft on a carrier or runway soon.

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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar EoD-classic 0.80 WIP
12/31/2007 by Lotte.EoD-1
The work on 0.80 is coming to an end.
Release will be in january if everything works fine with the beta tests.

We wish you all a happy new year.

Here's another WIP, the map is called Battle at Quang Tri:

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TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2's Avatar New vehicles
12/28/2007 by TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2
We've done a lot during the last few weeks. Take a look at our forums for further informations about the new vehicles.

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TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2's Avatar Just Arrived!
11/12/2007 by TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2
Just arrived in country! M60 Patton Main Battle Tank!

Those of you who played EoD on the BF1942 and BFV game engine platforms will remember the M60 Patton as one of the main battle tanks used within EoD.

Today, we would like to continue that tradition by showing a few photographs of the M60 Patton tank that is to be fielded within EoD on the BF2 game engine.

This tank was modeled by Petemonster, from the USI Developement team. It was skinned by Petemonster and myself. Coding of this fine battle machine was also accomplished by me.


Some days ago sppotted in a rice paddy: the Soviet PT-76 used by NVA army.


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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar EoD 0.72 patch released
10/07/2007 by Lotte.EoD-1
Another patchday soldiers !
EoD 0.72 is coming with some brandnew stuff, improved AI code and new maps.
It's a patch file so you need EoD 0.70 or EoD 0.71 before installing EoD 0.72 !

If you get trouble this maybe because older versions before 0.7x have not been deleted correctly.

To get a clean install point to your
C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods\
folder and delete EoD manually. Then install EoD 0.70 (part 1+2). After that patch to 0.72.

Mirrors and Changelog for 0.72:

Have a lot of fun !

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