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Lotte.EoDRedux's Avatar Eve of Destruction - REDUX released!
31.05.2016 by Lotte.EoDRedux

Eve of Destruction - REDUX - has been released!
Visit the new game and learn more:

Visit the new game on Steam
EoD on Steam
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Lotte.EoD-3's Avatar Robin Williams dead
12.08.2014 by Lotte.EoD-3
Robin Williams -- who first made America laugh and eventually touched "every element of the human spirit" in a remarkable range of performances -- died at his Northern California home Monday. [source: CNN]

R.I.P. Mr. Gooooooooooooooood Morning Vietnaaaaaaaaaam

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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar Battlefield 1942 Masterserver Shutdown
07/29/2014 by Lotte.EoD-1
12 years ago EA released Battlefield 1942. Though there were some hundreds players still loving and playing the old game they decided to shut off the (Gamespy) master server. This will cause a crash or hanging program if you select 'Internet Game'.

But there are some simple ways to get the game working again:

The best and *imho* simplest way is to change the Windows hosts file and add a new master server to the list. This server is made by the community and it works fine with BF1942 just like the old Gamespy server.

Just go to http://master.bf1942.sk/ and follow the informations. This is done in 5 seconds!

Thanks to --=[aX]=-- for this service!

If you hesitate to edit Windows system files you may use a simple tool like HLSW or Xfire to connect to a server.

download version 1.1.6 from http://www.hlsw.net/hlsw/download/ and install it.
Now run HLSW and at the start page where you're asked for account data just click 'offline' (without any data).
Then go to HLSW options and set the game path for BF1942.exe.

Now add a server to the server list.
Important: HLSW needs the IP and 2 ports to work properly.
BF1942 normally has port 14567 and the second port is 23000.
Some servers use 14568 and 23001.

So if you want to add hslan server just type in:

You can connect by right clicking on the server.
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Lotte.EoDRedux's Avatar EoD Redux website online
01/24/2014 by Lotte.EoDRedux
Charlie don't surf but we do!
The new website is online.

Eve of Destruction REDUX

Have fun surfing
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Lotte.EoDRedux's Avatar News about EoD-Redux
12.01.2014 by Lotte.EoDRedux
Hey folks,

just a short update about the upcoming new EoD-3 (Redux) cause there has not been much information in the past months.
It's because I'm very busy with coding

The game is going fine and there are more than 140 vehicles right now. Also there are known vehicles from EoD-1 (classic), some have been removed cause they didn't exist in Vietnam War, but some will be new and these really did exist.
For example the F104 'Starfighter', the Cessna O-1/L19 'Birddog' and the O-2 'Skymaster'. Also there will be new choppers like the Mil 'MI-2', Sikorsky 'H-34' and many many more!

Also there will be new land vehicles like the australian 'Centurion' tank, the SU-100 or M-42 'Duster', lots of new cars, trucks and also bikes!

25 single- and multiplayer maps will be available and maybe some more till release. One of it is the fantastic Hanoi Hilton map and also Hue Imperial Palace will be in the built. And believe me - it's looking very very awesome

Since January I've been very busy with doing some office jobs and establishing the company. I've named it 'Agger-Interactive' and the website is available at http://www.agger-interactive.de (but it's just in fledgling stages).

The game itself will be available at http://www.eod-game.de / http://www.eod-game.com (but this website is in 'incoming stage' )

Please understand that I don't want to release much of the new content here but on the new websites in near future.

Right now I cannot say an exact release date cause there's still a lot to do to get it all working fine. And of course everything has to be tested before release and unfortunately this will take some more time to wait. Maybe in spring or summer (I still hope it) !

Hope to see you in the jungle again

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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar New IP for hslan server !
06/02/2013 by Lotte.EoD-1
Pleace note that hslan has a new server-IP:

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Lotte.EoDRedux's Avatar Gooooooooood morning Vietnaaaaaaaaam
05/15/2013 by Lotte.EoDRedux
I've noticed that it's a lot of work creating a new game
It's not just going out and shoot some photos for texturing or recording sounds for the environment.
There's a lot more to do, but I'm pretty sure it's possible.

I've decided to publish 3 screenshots though the game is still 'unofficial'.
These pics are just to give you some impressions of what the game will look like.

Impressions of Truong Son Chasm

Here are some rough estimated statistics of the work on EoD-3:

Day: 135
Hours of work: more than 1400
Status total: about 35%
Devs: 1
Freelancers: 2
Testers: 10
Levels in progress: 12
Static models: more than 2000
Playermodels: 0% done
Vehicle models: 20% done
Code: network: 60% done
Code: aircrafts: 1% done
Code: cars and trucks: 50% done
Code: helicopters: 50% done
Code: boats and ships: 50% done
Code: handweapons: 90% done
Code: playerstatistics: 10% done
Code: damage system: 0% done
Code: flag capture system: 90% done
Code: spawn system: 75% done
Code: AI: 20% done
Code: website: 0% done
Code: shop: 0% done
Code: language translation: 30% done
Sounds: environment: 90% done
Sounds: player voices: 0% done
Sounds: music: 70% done

Impressions of The Ricepaddies

Playable pre-alpha-test: 75% done

Release Deadline: end of 2013 / spring 2014.

Impressions of Tropical Heat

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Lotte.EoDRedux's Avatar It's A Long Way To Tipperary
03/14/2013 by Lotte.EoDRedux
Things are going very fine in creating the new game.
I could finisch more than 60 handweapons including flamethrower, wiretraps, active punji-traps and much more.
Some land vehicles are doing fine and a very difficult object - a smoothly and reasonably realistic flying Huey chopper.
Also some boats are game-ready and first tests with a network game are done.

But the game is far from release, and it will be very difficult to get all the stuff balanced and working without errors and lag.

The graphics are fantastic and in my view the 'EoD-feeling' is alive and kicking.

I'd love to show you some screenshots and videos, but it's early days yet.

Please be patient and look forward to a brandnew game, someday in 2013
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Lotte.EoDRedux's Avatar Eve of Destruction 3
01/19/2013 by Lotte.EoDRedux
Hi folks!

For a long time there have been no news about EoD, but as mentioned some months ago we're working on a new thing.

>>We<< is primary me, Lotte, last man standing in the dev team at the moment.
Jackson, ike and Trahn Lee want to follow later perhaps, Killboy sadly has left the team without any comments.

Well, what about the new thing...?
EoD will break away from Battlefield and get a commercial stand-alone game on a new game engine with complete new content and it's own code.

The game engine is Unity 3D and for some impressions about the possibilities you may watch these videos in fullscreen and High Quality:

Tropical Jungle Demo

The Butterfly Effect

or play some demos on the Unity 3D website (Gallery / Made with Unity |_ or _| Gallery / Unity Demos)

Nice, isn't it?

Of course this is a monster-project for one person and I'm not able to do everything on my own so a lot of things must be bought, for example models, animations and network code.
And to scale down the expectations: it will not be a game like the big gamestudios create in a year, but perhaps a game with fun and nice gameplay and with moderate system requirements.

And it will not be just a copy of the old game. There will be many new things, new controls, new effects, new gameplay things and much more, so it will take a long time to get all these things running. But the target is 2013.

Unity can build the game for PC, Mac, Linux, xBox, Wii, iOS, Android, Webbrowser and some more, but the main attention is getting the game run on PC, Mac, Linux and Webbrowser. Console perhaps - if there are no technical obstacles.

I'm working on the side on this project since october 2012 and double-fulltime since january and have learned a lot, so I'm pretty sure to get this little baby alive some day. And because of that I've cancelled my job (after 20 years) for a big american automaker. This was one risky step for me, one giant step for mankind

Because of all the work that has to be done, there won't be much informations in the next months so please be patient and use the forums for questions and suggestions. You may talk english or german in the forums.

If you just want to contact or support or sponsor me in any way please send a mail to webmaster@eodmod.org !

Of course the game will get a new website cause it's no modification anymore and once the gamestudio was founded and all the bumf is done it will be posted here and this site (eodmod.org) will be frozen.

Hope to see you in the new jungle some day and duck if your hear a loud voice saying it: enemy spotte lotted!


PS: Informations about the new game will be on the mentioned new website, not here.

Ok, one simple 5% WIP shot from 'We Were Soldiers Once' with day-night effect in a 30 min. timeline:

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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar New IP for Injustos server !
11/11/2012 by Lotte.EoD-1
Injustos Clan Brazilia has a new server-IP too:
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