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TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2's Avatar Just Arrived!
11/12/2007 by TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2
Just arrived in country! M60 Patton Main Battle Tank!

Those of you who played EoD on the BF1942 and BFV game engine platforms will remember the M60 Patton as one of the main battle tanks used within EoD.

Today, we would like to continue that tradition by showing a few photographs of the M60 Patton tank that is to be fielded within EoD on the BF2 game engine.

This tank was modeled by Petemonster, from the USI Developement team. It was skinned by Petemonster and myself. Coding of this fine battle machine was also accomplished by me.


Some days ago sppotted in a rice paddy: the Soviet PT-76 used by NVA army.


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