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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar EoD Classic 2.20 - Preview
05/18/2010 by Lotte.EoD-1
After a short break we are back to the jungle with some screenshots.
While ike has started to create his first models, Jackson is creating a conversion of BF42's Mimoyecques and I have finished two new maps and a remake of an older EoD map.

So here's the first preview of 2.20:

New map
Jungle Warfare

Jungle Warfare is a 100% based infantry map with a lot of hideouts.

New map
Brothers in arms

B.I.A. is a very detailed map with a large viewdistance and lots of vehicles. No way to hide for the bots and snipe without getting spotted
The map has got a brandnew skybox and a new method of getting water over the standard BF42 water-level. It's a small lake in the hills and just an experiment.

Tonkin Air Engagement

T.A.E. was not a favorite map of the players. It was unrealistic and boring to get the flags in the sky with an endless number of planes and got shot down again and again.
The new version will have the old base for NVA soldiers and 4 flags on small islands. US will attack from a carrier and a landing beach wich also can be captured.

Very early WIP
DaNang House

This is a first try in creating new models since 5-6 years. Don't forget - it's a very very early WIP and I think ike has deserved some applause for his enthusiasm to learn this for the mother of all battles

Release will be some day...perhaps this year...you know...when it's done (based loosely on ... 3D Realms - Duke Nukem Forever)
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