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04/04/2010 by TrahnLeeLiao.EoD-2
April Fool's everyone!

That's right, the announcement of Project Reality: Vietnam on April 1 is real, and is currently being worked on by the Eve of Destruction and Project Reality Teams. The teams successfully fooled the PR community into thinking it was a joke. You guys here at EoD didn't fall for it.

A sampling of reactions to the original news post, (from the PR Forums):

Stealth Clobber:
"I sometimes doubt the intelligence of the player base when they can't tell immediately that this is a joke. A new PR mod, announced less than a month after PR Arma2, and still in BF2, in VIETNAM, conveniently on April Fools Day.
Come on now lol"

"Plausible, but complete bullshit."

"Most fail April Fool's joke ever....
It made me /facepalm.
As soon as it saw it on my forum's RSS Feed, I was like wow PR just pulled the most fail April Fool's joke ever..."

"This could be an awesome idea if it wasn't an april fools joke.!"

For the last few months, a few members of Project Reality Studios have been secretly working on merging the award winning modification, Project Reality, and the Black Sand Studios modification, Eve of Destruction. With the famous PR game play, mixed with the expansive Eve of Destruction content, the Project Reality Team will bring you new maps, vehicles, weapons, strategies, and experiences.

Some more screen shots to whet your appetite:

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