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06/22/2009 by Lotte.EoD-1
It's been a while since our last newsposting and it's time for an update.

The work on EoD 1.50 is at 40% now and it's a lot of work to get these bots into the boats and land safely.
But it's worth it and it will turn the COOP gameplay inside out.
Especially the island maps like Cowboys from hell, Charly don't surf or rivermaps like Saigon Jungle will have a brandnew SP gameplay.

But that's not all. We also have a new map, it's called Baytown and you all know it from EA's Battlefield 1942 Road to Rome !
I've made this conversion cause Baytown was my personally favorite BF1942 map where all the players called me at last a cheater
It's no 1:1 conversion, the map was totally reworked except the heightmap !
And because we have only one 'First Indochine Conflict' map it's a Viet Minh vs French map !

Also ike is working on a french map but we've no news about it at the moment.

Last but not least the old map River Patrol has been refurbished and it's looking very beautiful now

Because there is still a lot to do and some new vehicles will be added I can't promise - but I think the new full version will be finished an released this summer. N-joy it !
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