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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar EoD classic 1.00 preview (part 5)
10/20/2008 by Lotte.EoD-1
Well, ehm.......
You know Counter-Strike ?
Perhaps you know it and played it in the past or still play it.

There is a custom map in CS wich is called de_rats. This little map was made just for fun and the players spawn as Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists in an oversized map as RATS!!!

But why the hell do I explain a CS-Map ?
It's really simple. While playing EoD with the bots there should be some time for relax and fun

There are more than 130 Maps in EoD, all with COOP support. We have a racing map called 'Jocoseness' and have a lot of fun with it.

So the idea was to convert the idea from Chris Spain's CS-map to EoD and here's what we've got till now. Sorry but there are no highres pics because the map is still W.I.P.!!!

( )

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