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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar Some statistics about v2.50
08/13/2012 by Lotte.EoD-1
Just a small message about the progress of upcoming v2.50.

We'll have 3 new teams:
- The Navy Seals
- Civil Vietcong
- and the Superheroes

The Superheroes-team will include Rambo, Chuck Norris, Charlie Sheen aka Topper Harley and Mr. Bean aka Mr. Bombastic.
Of course this team will be in some selected fun-maps only

Next there are 18 new handweapons:
- Colt Silenced
- Flarepistol
- Ithaca M-37
- M72 A3 Law (another M72 variant)
- M21 Silenced
- Mosin without scope
- MP-18 (stolen from Japanese)
- Nagant 1893
- Smith & Wesson Model 12
- Vietcong Bambooknife
- Vietcong Bamboostick
- Vietcong Bayonett
- Vietcong Grenadelauncher
- Vietcong Harvestknife
- Vietcong Juicegrenade
- Vietcong Machete
- Vietcong Pistol
- Vietcong Satchel

Also 25 new static objects will come with v2.50.
- new buildings
- new vegetation
- new detail objects

The devs have not been lazy and we also get 7 new and 2 revised maps.
Some of them have been presented already.

About 40 maps will have some bugfixes and new/improved AI.

Altogether it will be a very nice release and we think to get it complete September 2012.
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