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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar Eve of Destruction 0.80 Client Release
02/08/2008 by Lotte.EoD-1
Done ! Eve of Destruction 0.80 is released !

IMPORTANT: before installing the new (full) version you'll have to delete any older versions of EoD manually !

For download mirrors and installation instructions goto http://www.eod-classic.de.vu !

Now what's new in this release ?
Nearly everything

We've got new code, new AI, new sounds, new vehicles for coop, new effects, buildings, vegetation and last but not least new maps.

Linux and Windows server is running fine now and all maps have been added to campaign and CTF mode !

Official EoD 0.80 Server: [hslan] EoD 0.80
Location: Europe / Germany

New maps are:
Agent Orange

Battle at Quang Tri

Easter Offensive

Pho Nung

Revised maps (almost new maps):
Aftermath, Battle_of_Hue, Bridge_Ruin, Brown_Water_Navy, Cowboys_From_Hell, Crash_Point_Baker, DaNang, Eclipse, Face_To_Face, Frontal_Attack, Good_Morning_Vietnam, H_Mong, Jocoseness, Khe_Sanh, Lan_Cao_Bridge, LangVei, Main_Supply_Route, Operation_Prairie_The_Prelude, Papa_Oscar_Whiskey, Run_Through_The_Jungle, Shar_Min_Village, Sunset_Island, Surrounded, Tet_Offensive, The_Rice_Paddies, We_Were_Soldiers, We_were_Soldiers_once

The Rice Paddies

Special thanks go to Sarge31FR from battlegroup 42 mod for code revision and
Natty Wallo from FH Tournament mod for new vegetation and buildings.

Also special thanks go to all betatester for all the work they have done while testing many hours on- and offline.
Ric, Ike, Dr. Seltsam, GeneSimmons, Mani, Stiermichl1966, Major Konig, t0pa, lautlos, titania !
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