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Lotte.EoD-1's Avatar EoD Classic 2.30 - Release
02/01/2011 by Lotte.EoD-1

Don't blabber, let me DOWNLOAD THE GAME !

Time for an update soldiers !

We're proud to present Eve of Destruction classic v2.30 with a brandnew AI feeling.
Before we start...
here are some interesting statistics of the game.

EoD was first released in 2003 so this is year 8 of the modification !
8 years of fun gaming and still for free

Ideas and work of about a hundret people ran into the mod.

And here some facts of what we've modified all these years for Battlefield 1942:

- 208 maps all including multiplayer support
- 8 teams (US, Special Forces, NVA, Vietcong, ARVN, Australian Forces, French and Pathet Laos)
- 117 drivable vehicles (41 air, 48 land, 28 sea)
- 33 stationary weapons like cannons, mortars, anti-air
- 46 handweapons
- 436 static objects like buildings
- 106 vegetation objects with some hundret variants
- 152 effects

Wow ! That's a lot of stuff. So if you are tired of playing any other Vietnam game and want to drive some more vehicles don't hesitate to install EoD

EoD v2.30 Release

New map: Abandoned Field

And now ladies and gentleman here's the new version with 7 new maps
- Deep Jungle
- Hill 916
- Kao Lang
- Operation Flaming Dart
- Night Patrol
- Tet Offensive_Night
- Train_Attack

and 11 overworked (=new) maps
- Nui Pek
- Operation Linebacker II
- Pacific Railroad
- River Canyon
- Struggle Through Cambodia
- Brown Water Navy
- Charlie don't surf
- Jocoseness
- Two Bridges

New vehicles, new weapons (see newspostings below) and statics.

To see the full changelog go here...

Jackson has created the new map
Operation Flaming Dart

Why full and no patch release ?
All maps - repeat - ALL MAPS- have got new AI code and 90% of the maps have been touched somehow. Modifications here, adjustments there.
Also the code of the teams and objects has been overworked.
So we had to decide if we have a patch of 3000 MB or a full version of 3300 MB.
A patch would be more trouble than it's worth so we made a full.

Known issues
The new antiperson mines (Claymore) don't work properly on dedicated servers (LAN and internet).
The enemy get's blown up and killed but no explosion effect and sound will be shown.
This is only on dedi server but it works fine in Conquest, Multiplayer and COOP on local PC.
We're still looking to fix this bug somehow but it seems to be a hardcoded problem for servers.
( )

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