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11/13/2010 by Lotte.EoD-12
We have some good and bad news today.

EoD 2

Trahn's computer with the 95% finished new version of EoD-2 had a harddisc crash. All data have been destroyed and there's no up to date backup of the build.
So all the work is lost and Trahn is a little bit frustrated about that and he has abandoned the work on EoD-2.
Actually there's no one working on EoD 2 anymore and the project is stopped.
This is really bad news for all EoD-2 enthusiasts...

EoD classic (BF1942)

EoD classic will be released in a brandnew full version in 2011.
I've found a way to improve the bots a lot so every map has got new AI code.
The bots will be much more aggressive in taking flags and driving vehicles.

Just an example: in Broken Arrow the Vietcong bots attacked the US base very slowly in the past versions. In v2.30 it's a real turmoil and you won't get any peace to relax. It's so much fun with these aggressive killers
And I've made this for every single map so EoD coop will be much more fun in the future.

Also we have overworked the code of some handweapons and vehicles for getting a better gameplay.

Ike is still working on some new statics (a very large tunnel system) and has finished some new huts and civil cars yet.

Right now there are 2 new maps for v2.30:

Deep Jungle

Hill 916

And there are some completely overworked maps. Some of them are looking very different to the past versions, for example

Operation Linebacker 2
Pacific Railroad
Struggle through Cambodia

and last but not least

Nui Pek
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