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Lotte.EoD-3's Avatar EoD BF:V 0.16 - Released !
09/16/2010 by Lotte.EoD-3
Oops, we did it again :-)

5 years after our last release we have a new - full - version: 0.16 !
EoD v0.16 has SP/COOP for all maps and two new levels:

Camp Caroll and Que Son Valley, both converted from EoD-BF42.

Also some bugs have been fixed so there should be no more game crashes.

To play the game you need Battlefield:Vietnam v1.21

Download EoD v0.16

PS: release was on Sept. 15th and if you have missed the news here...it was because my internet connection was broken due to some faulty operations of my host :/
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