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Ponedjeljak, 03 Rujan 2012, 12:53

Hijacked by Custom profile?!?

Started playing with my desktop. In game joystick does not work except POV hat, mouse does not work and keyboard only works with default tooltip, map and Esc keys, nothing else. OK

Delete BF folder and regs, and fresh install from CD. Get Custom settings from my laptop, which works.
Same thing.

Delete BF folder and regs then copy whole BF folder from laptop and put reg. Same thing.

delete settings folder, and copy from laptop, problem continues.
delete settings folder, and copy from Backup USB disk, problem continues.

Make new profile in game, which copys my custom settings, everything in game works.

In game try to delete this nonworking monster profile, no can do. Cant make changes even to keys, when press SAVE it goes as it was.

Shut down Bf and delete custom profile in explorer, then go back to the game. Theres new Custom profile named Player!!! And with that nothing works (mouse,kb and joystick). And in game cant delete that profile.?!? :| Whatta hell

P.S Laptop has only one profile, and play with desktop I have to use now two.
Have I eaten your beans?
Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.


Ponedjeljak, 03 Rujan 2012, 13:21

Is the profile write-protected?


Ponedjeljak, 03 Rujan 2012, 13:54

No, every file are only archive. Checked by Windows Commander and File Explorer.
I do in CMD attrib change and then delete this monster CUSTOM folder, then go to game and there it is again Player CUSTOM PROFILE, that you cant change or delete in game. ?(

If In game change this Player/ CUSTOM PROFILE to Player/PROFILE, game recreates new Player/CUSTOM PROFILE.
Have I eaten your beans?
Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.


Ponedjeljak, 03 Rujan 2012, 14:27



Ponedjeljak, 03 Rujan 2012, 16:57

Very, very strange. Maybe this is message from God: Stop playing EoD, yoouuu stupid old fart!
I hope solve this problem before CdS day :pinch: My laptop is too old and slow for Eod.
Newer had this kind of problem since the beginning of BF1942. Is it ten years now?

OK, Start the game from USB disk, which I just copied BF files from Laptop. Same problem. WTFaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack 8o
Have I eaten your beans?
Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.


Ponedjeljak, 03 Rujan 2012, 18:43

Did you just delete the folders or did you uninstall it? - I prefer uninstall - just for the mods i delete the folders for reinstall...

if you deleted - try anyway to uninstall bf1942 even after you have done the fresh install...

i hope it works - or you find another way... (me, i have no other idea)


Ponedjeljak, 03 Rujan 2012, 19:15

I don't understand...
You install BF and get a large profile (what's that?) and mouse/keyboard don't work ?
But anywhere else the hardware is ok ?
Wich OS ? Wich hardware ?
Did you try a DirectX re-installation ? XP / W98 compatibility ?


Ponedjeljak, 03 Rujan 2012, 23:10

As far as I know BF always creates a "Default" profile when launched. Given there isn't one yet. I do have the same and it never bothered me.


Dunno if that helps.


Utorak, 04 Rujan 2012, 17:08

Update.I put fresh install without mods.Then put ONLY custom control files(4) from laptop, everything works.
Cause to to the problem still not solved. One suspect is maybe new FHSW. It resetted custom keys once to default when loading map which crashed to desktop.
Or corrupt line in custom settings.
But its still odd that install on laptop with that settings and folders&files do work. Case closed.

Thanks for help to everyone. :wacko:
Have I eaten your beans?
Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.


Utorak, 11 Rujan 2012, 19:49

Cause to to the problem still not solved....

Were do you have your game installed?

If it is in C:\Program Files\...., doesn't Win 7 protect the files from manual editing?

Let's say, you copy your profile settings directly and Win 7 kindly revert the original files.. :huh:

I have Win 7- 64 and my game is in d:\games (x86)\...
and never had any problems to copy or directly edit my profile settings.
(I have an edited config file to be able to run in 1920x1080.)
The only problem I've seen is, if I make an in-game name change, the screen sets to 640x480 :rolleyes:
Gruß, Jan


Srijeda, 12 Rujan 2012, 16:52

Yes I saw these Win7 folders too at my office computer.
There is C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) so this may cause the problem.


Srijeda, 12 Rujan 2012, 23:42

i have these folders too, but i did not care...

installed game to d:\games\battlefie...

i have no problems running eod on Win7