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Nedjelja, 12 Kolovoz 2012, 15:23

Just a short Moin!

Moin! Been away for a while. Back now. So hello everybody!


P.S.: Looking for skilled UVW unwrapper to unwrap some models, since that job is just a pain in the neck!


_______Halten sie Abstand, ich bin ein Aufstand!________


Nedjelja, 12 Kolovoz 2012, 16:25

Howdy man.
Back in internet with 56k ? :D
Btw. your VC handmade weapons rock!
The handmade VC Pistol is my new favorite 8|

PS: I'm looking for someone to wash my car and sweep my garage :wacko:


Nedjelja, 12 Kolovoz 2012, 17:20

Well, my connection speed is good, it's just that i have to use UMTS since i won't get cables to my house, and the only provider i found that works in my house is the most expensive provider...I#m limited on 3 GB traffic a month.

Yes, the VC Pistol rocks. It's my favourite too. You should see the reference pic. It's damn close to the 99% I'd say.
All the weapons were made by using pictures of original costummade VC weapons. In one case (the grenade launcher) I had to scale it a bit to make it fit in the players hand.

I just realized, I forgot to send you the X-pack of the VC (i guess). I made one looking like a bag of tea made of burlap (thats sackleinen in german) with nice prints "saigon tea company" on it. Will send that later.

The Ithaka Shotgun was ment to be used by maybe a whole new team (if you like) because the upcoming weapons that i got queued up here have the potential for it. My thoughts was on Navy Seals with the following weapons:


-Ithaka Shotgun
-China Lake Pumpgun Grenade Launcher
-The HNNWL Launcher
-The M202 Rocket Launcher
-The Mac 10
-The HK33 (Heckler & Koch Assault Riffle)

(of course maybe also with some other weapons we already got...M16 or the Pistol)

And one or two more (silenced pistol e.g.)...just forgot the names. I found all these on a list with weapons used in Vietnam.
I was thinking of the Seals, because i also have an Airboat in progress...just stuck with the work, cause I'm not sure how to build and/or skin the engine without looking crappy!


I'm also really looking foreward to see the Maxim Machinegun ingame, wich will be skinned in a VC and an NVA version.

One question. Is there still enuff time to maybe get one last shotgun added to the next release? I got an Arisaka Riffle done, wich has a bayonett and also these grenade you stick on the Barrel (Laufgranate).
That one and the X-Pack are the last 2 items for the VC i got. I just need to unwrap and skin the riffle, wich could be done in the next few days. :?:

Just give me a shout.


_______Halten sie Abstand, ich bin ein Aufstand!________


Nedjelja, 12 Kolovoz 2012, 17:30

Oh...we don't have a Dev's section anymore? So I have to send secrets of upcoming stuff as Email?

_______Halten sie Abstand, ich bin ein Aufstand!________


Nedjelja, 12 Kolovoz 2012, 22:02

Yes, email please.
You've sent the Vietcong satchel already and it's in the built but I wasn't sure what it is.
A bag to drop against enemies? Or a bag with drugs to confuse the enemy? :D
Please let me know how and where to use it.


Nedjelja, 12 Kolovoz 2012, 22:26

Oh...*lol*...I C.

It was ment to be a timed explosive charge like in FH for example to stop tanks 'n stuff. Drop it and leave ASAP.


As a replacement for the Dynamite in the VC equipment!

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Ponedjeljak, 13 Kolovoz 2012, 13:53

The AntiTank Landmine has been replaced with Vietcong Satchel for all VC Teams (VC, Female, Civil_VC) for v2.50 release!


Utorak, 14 Kolovoz 2012, 13:32

Can't wait to fire my guns and to see them ingame. Are there any Ingame screenshots of maybe the Colt or the Nagant?

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Utorak, 14 Kolovoz 2012, 20:11

Some are in the updated EoD-BF1942/Armies section.


Srijeda, 15 Kolovoz 2012, 15:39

The Nagant revolver looks a bit small to me, doesnt it? I mean...the barrells diameter is smaller than the players finger. Maybe it's just the screenshot. The other stuff looks cool.


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