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Freitag, 16. März 2012, 12:17

EoD lightmaps

Just wondering... were there any lightmaps made for the EoD 2 static objects, and if so, does anybody still have some of those files?

I'm currently in the proccess of trying to lightmap my "Burma Bash" map (which uses EoD statics quite a bit), and I've been having problems trying to use the 3DS Max tutorial at As my 3DS Max 9 demo is running out of time, so my only lightmapping options are 1) get someone else with 3DS Max to lightmap it for me or 2) use the lightmapping in the BF2 editor. However, the second option cannot be done unless I've got lightmap files for the EoD objects. So ... does anyone (still) have them?

(Also, did Trahn ever find out what was wrong with the EoD version of my map?


Samstag, 17. März 2012, 17:49

The link is broken.
I don't know if Trahn is in the forum, so if you get no reply please PN him.


Sonntag, 18. März 2012, 21:20

Re-uploaded the EoD level. As for Trahn, I PMed him here, and didn't here from him in a while.

I then saw him respond on the BFSP forum, and tried to provide him with a link (which worked at the time.) Don't know why mediafire removed my old file. :S