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Utorak, 09 Veljača 2016, 00:27


I am excited about new eod !! will be glad when it is done. Just to let you know about music for the game, you can also download real armed forces radio broadcast from the Vietnam war and real recordings from choppers in combat ect. Type in your search box AFVN radio downloads. You will get radio shows from the war you can download and put in your file. You can also type in Vietnam combat radio communications and you will get files of chopper pilots talking and ground forces in combat ect. I have the old x-fire game recorder which you can use to control your media player while in game. So I have music and combat recordings and AFVN on a continual loop you do not have to be the driver or in anything. It is great to be in a huey and have real choper pilots in combat over the headphones or being the door gunner with zz top in the background. X-fire has changed and dose not support that program online anymore, but I still have it and it works. If anybody knows of another program that works like that let me know. See yea on the battlefield bluesman6 out