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måndag, 14. oktober 2013, 20:26


Hello Lotte :thumbup:
I was wondering something: In your announcement of EOD 3 in the news section, you were talking about another website, where you would post any news related to this beautiful project :love: but you never told the site, so, I want to know, is it done?
And, keep it up man :thumbsup:
(Sorry if there's any errors, I am Quebecois :) )


tisdag, 15. oktober 2013, 20:26

No the site isn't finished yet.
I spent too much time in the new game and there's no time left for anything else at the moment.
But the website will be online very soon and the link published here ;)
So stand by and hold yourself ready :?:


tisdag, 15. oktober 2013, 23:05

Thanks for the answer :)

And, while i'm here, do you need some copyright-free music? I could manage to write a few songs if you want to :D Not so good, but i could try 8)


onsdag, 16. oktober 2013, 23:09

Hey yeah I need some more music for the game.
Can you send an example to webmaster@eodmod.org please.


torsdag, 17. oktober 2013, 02:32

Euhhhhh... Well... I didn't expected that ;(
I'm gonna do my best, but don't expect too much from me :S
It would be my first full composition, soooooooooo, it could sucks. :(
But, as i said, I'm gonna try, but I need to know: What kind of music you want? ?(
Beatles-Like or dubstep? Something like "Alone in my prison" or something else?
Please answer, so I can try at least composing the good type of music :)

Pleased you're interessed in my help, though :)


fredag, 18. oktober 2013, 11:16

Hey, no matter if it's good or not, just give it a try :)
Some 6ß's - like - music would be good or something like alone in my prison or chinese lord (EoD-Radio).
But also everything else that's new would be good so just do it and let's check it out :thumbsup:


måndag, 21. oktober 2013, 21:51

Rock'n'roll :?:


fredag, 25. oktober 2013, 16:38

Excuse me Lotte, I just got my PC back, and, don't take it bad, but this website is not optimized for phones ;(
I began working on something, I should send it to you around mid/end of November :?:

Hope you'll like it :D


fredag, 25. oktober 2013, 18:22

End of november ? 8o
Hey what do you compose a new Ride Of The Valyries ? :thumbup:


lördag, 26. oktober 2013, 00:39

Hey, I'm slow and I have exams coming, I ain't a machine :thumbup:
And it could also be ready at mid november, I'm just giving a big delay so I can be sure it's good to go 8)
You'll be warned :?:


fredag, 15. november 2013, 02:53

Hello :wacko:

Me again, just to inform you that the demo should be ready real soon 8)

Carry on with your game :thumbsup:


lördag, 16. november 2013, 18:40

Hehe, i can't wait :?:


söndag, 1. december 2013, 20:23

Hey the alpha is at 75-80%. What about the music? Did you finish the symphony? :evil:


onsdag, 4. december 2013, 00:43

Well, it's an instrmental piece with guitar :thumbup:
And I can't record before next week-end ;(
You should have it then ;)