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lunedì, 2. settembre 2013, 11:10

Request: Bots

My friends and me had a lot of fun with bots in BF1942 both normal, xpacks and of course plenty of EoD, we probably played as much with bots as we did on live servers. For instance, if we were only 2 or 3 playing we'd be on the same team against the bots (no bots on our team), and I must say it was a lot of fun! We were able to spawn as many bots as we wanted on one team, and all of us were on the opposing team.

Must be extremely difficult or impossible to make bots fly properly, but on no-fly maps, is there a chance there will be bots?

And btw thanks for simply the best mod ever made!

PS: Think EA will be mad if you include maps from 1942 and Vietnam? Many good ones there too, not to mention RtR, Secret Weapons etc :)


lunedì, 2. settembre 2013, 15:12

In EoD-1 there are bots in every map incl. the 'no-fly maps'.
The bots are not able to fly the choppers properly in BF1942 cause the flight-AI is hardcoded and EA added the helicopter code in BF:Vietnam.
So the hueys may fly from one island to another (waypoint A to B) but they cannot land the vehicle or handle it in a proper way cause they use the choppers like aircrafts.

I'm sure EA will not be mad cause nothing from BF1942 or anything else will be included in EoD-3.
EoD Redux will be a brandnew game with it's own models, textures, sounds, animations - and maps.
Some of the good old EoD maps will be completely rebuild - not copied and none of them are EA maps.
So the new game will have nothing in it from EA or any other company.

I've made some thousands of photos for textures and recorded a lot of nature sounds.
So maybe you'll hear some 'european' birds or waterfalls in the asian jungle but I'm sure this will not be noticed :D


lunedì, 2. settembre 2013, 21:31


Wouldn't it be possible to use some sounds (with the right license of course) that can be found here:

Or bird singing can be found pretty often. I'm sure there would also be some Vietnam jungle singing (and sounds from other animals) that could be used in the game (if the license allows this).


lunedì, 2. settembre 2013, 22:09

Yes, has some good sounds too.


martedì, 3. settembre 2013, 08:04

Are there currently any plans to make bots? I think it could help the game a lot :)


giovedì, 17. ottobre 2013, 20:16

Noticed this in the News ...


Code: AI: 20% done
That's great to see ! I hope as AI dev continues that you will consider putting in advanced bot behaviours like flanking and using cover :)


venerdì, 18. ottobre 2013, 11:24

Yes of course there will be bots.
Right now they are still at 20% I've just coded 2 days within the AI and they are just walking around and against walls and shooting stupid like in games from the 90's :D

But this is a part for the near future and they will be some more intelligent than in EoD-1.

At the moment I have another problem.
Aircrafts are flying very well, they can start, land on an airfield, shoot, bomb, accelerate, decelerate, repair, reload, but if I go out of the plane the player spawns at any place on the map but never where I jumped out :huh:
And the plane can be stopped in the air, decelerate to 0 mph and it's parking in the air. This is very strange cause the plane has gravity and a rigidbody :D :D :D


venerdì, 15. novembre 2013, 20:37

Ha ha, development is FUN ! ... ?

Just had an idea, but maybe a bit too late. Would it make sense implementing the AI in Python so it can be altered/improved/modded later ? This was a problem with BF2. As mods became more advanced it became more difficult to make the bots use things. I think PR is probably taken it to the limit with what the bots can do (but you never know how much more can be squeezed out of BF2). So probably assuming a lot about your dev goals here, but just an idea :)


sabato, 16. novembre 2013, 18:49

What is Python ? :D


venerdì, 22. novembre 2013, 20:26

A programmation language, like HTML or Java :D