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Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013, 15:02

Realistic death modelling/coding


I'm currently reading "The Sorrow of War" by Bao Ninh - a novel about the Vietnam War from the (Northern)Vietnamese point of view. Good novel, I suggest reading it.

While reading this it came to my mind that it is pretty rare in war related FSP-shooter (at least not to my knowledge) to have included realistic "death" when it comes to death of character via explosives. Fortunately I never had to experience this, but it is said, that there is not much left of a human when hit e. g. by an artillery grenade. Humans and equally animals such as war horses just disappear or vaporize when subjected to a large explosion.

Maybe it would be possible to code/model a "death" for such "occasions"? So taking a specific exapmle: When I bomb you with my Thunder Chief your characters would be evaporated just disappear instead of leaving "dead" intact bodies or backpacks where you can collect weapons.

Also "death" by flamethrower or Napalm would require to leave a burnt "corpse".

If you like it realistic, you could also create a damage system to handheld weapons and equipment e. g. by shrapnel destroying scopes etc., but this would be pretty complicated I think.

Anyway, I guess EOD 3 is not going to be a game with focus on realism (or is it?), but I personally would like it if there would be some "realistic" elements such as the above mentioned about the character's "death". This is also, because of the fact that we play a war game based on a real war that has really happened and caused endless sorrow (okay no I'm a bit under the impression of the book). So I would like it to have the atmosphere at least partially that e. g. the above mentioned book or also other cultural goods (movies) create to be included.

I mean not to have a dark, horror-game, but just some small atmospheric elements that to do not take fun from playing, but remind every now and then, that real war is like that: Wandering in a jungle on day light, but darkened because of the canopy, not knowing how long you will last. And when you "die", you don't just leave a corpse that lies there like sleeping, but depending on the type of "death" you might just disappear into small bits and pieces.

Having a more realistic "death" in EOD 3 would of course also mean that the game wouldn't be allowed to sell to minors.

I hope it is intelligible what I'm up to. What do you think?


Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013, 17:17

At the moment my soldier model has a rigidbody and once it's hit by a rocket, the soldier flys away with this rocket.
Maybe I should code an exploder next :D

I have a 'making of' folder on my disc, maybe this stuff will be published one day 8)

All jokes aside, this is of course better than dead bodies all around after a napalm attack but the game will not be a 100% realism game and that on purpose!
EoD will not be the ultimate brutality shocker - and it never was before.
Also there will be no drug fields, naked girls, execution scenes, torture or body parts flying around.

But 'dissapearing dead bodies after a bomber strike' are possible, I'll take that on the to-do-list ;)


Freitag, 19. Juli 2013, 00:35

No naked girls and no drug fields?? Nooooo :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Will the American GIs at least smoke pot?

Okay, but that would be cool if there wouldn't be any bodies or kits left after a large explosion. Maybe you could program some vaporizing death, the bodies just dissolve or sth. like that? This could be totally without any blood/gore, just the model disappearing or fading away.

Can't wait to play the game =)


Montag, 2. September 2013, 00:03

But blood and torn uniform after shoots would be good :)

so burned bodys after napalm would be better because during the battle all know how they died :D


Also there will be no drug fields
Why no drug farmland?


Montag, 2. September 2013, 09:41

Why no drug farmland?

Because every game has it.
Vietnam is the land of coffee, pepper and rice so there will be some ricefields and coffee plantations but no drugs. ;)