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søndag, 16. september 2012, 14:07

To site maintenance: browse missions via year ?


There is this map from 2004. Quite possibly the best

Two bases, three flags to battle for. Blue base is in the south, red in the north, and sometimes when you spawn you'll be on isolated airstrip, with a jeep and napalm bomber. Two hueycobra spawns.. a AH-6 Coach (did I remember that correctly?),

and I thought it was one of the Operations.. but I was wrong. This is quite possibly the best map aside Charile Don't Surf.. I browse through Missions section but I can't find it



søndag, 16. september 2012, 15:00

I think you're referring to Hidden Lake Valley, an awesome map indeed.




søndag, 16. september 2012, 15:02

One that come in mind and I like a lot is Hidden Lake Valley
Gruß, Jan


søndag, 16. september 2012, 15:05

I think you're referring to Hidden Lake Valley, an awesome map indeed....

Two souls, one thought, we can't be wrong then :D
Gruß, Jan


søndag, 16. september 2012, 15:12



søndag, 16. september 2012, 18:48

YEH !!!!!!!

THAT'S the map :!: :whistling: :wacko: :?:

:thumbup: Eve of Destruction, the modification for Battlefield 1942 :thumbup:


mandag, 5. november 2012, 02:00

YEH !!!!!!!

THAT'S the map :!: :whistling: :wacko: :?:

:thumbup: Eve of Destruction, the modification for Battlefield 1942 :thumbup:

I will hope after your next join, you bring more time to the HSLAN Server than "5" minutes and "3" Mapvotes.;-)
That was not the yellow from the egg yesterday.


onsdag, 7. november 2012, 18:10

Laux, Laux, Laux - vorsicht beim Übersetzen von Sprichworten....

Ich habe mal in Frankreich an einem Familienessen meiner damaligen Freundin geäußert, dass ich mich wie im siebten Himmel fühle.... - ich kann mich heute noch an die anschließende unheimlich Stille erinnern:

Meine Freundin erklärte mir später, dass ich damit zum Ausdruck gebracht hätte, ich habe einen Orgasmus!

Ich wurde jedenfalls anschließend immer ganz "rouge", wenn mir ein Familienmitglied gegenübertrat....

Also: Puff the magic dragon! :thumbup:


onsdag, 7. november 2012, 20:02

Ich sag's ja immer wieder: his english is for the cat :D

I wish you what :D


onsdag, 7. november 2012, 21:24

I believe my pig whistles.


onsdag, 7. november 2012, 23:47

und des gibts wirklich:

Don't teach your grandmother how to suck eggs!



torsdag, 8. november 2012, 00:31

Und das auch: "And the machine finally gave up the ghost."


torsdag, 8. november 2012, 20:57

blessed and sewn up !
You talk the talk, do you walk the walk ?