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Dienstag, 28. August 2012, 09:02

A Couple map suggestions

Hello all, first off let me say this is a great mod. The new update is great and I look forward to any and all future updats. I have 2 map suggestions if anybody is interested.

1. The simple one first, just wondering if we could see some more maps with rain in them, sort of add to the atmosphere a bit.

2. The second idea I think would be a great idea to get a few maps made for. As everyone knows the US Army did use various Herbicide and Agent Orange bombs in Vietnam as a form of Chemical Warfare, done by a group called "The US Army Chemical Corps". I was playing the Battlefield 1918 mod on a map called "Belleau Wood" and noticed something neat about it. Basically its a small forested area covered in Mustard Gas. Each player on both sides are wearing gas masks the whole match and when spawned you are actually looking through a gas mask. Below is a gameplay example of the map....


I think this would be a terrific and neat idea to play maps like this for Eve of Destruction. They wouldn't need to be big maps, but this would add some variety in map types. For ideas on maps, the chemical warfare campaign in Vietnam was called "Operation Ranch Hand". Below is a post to a wiki page with various information on the campaign.


I just figured i'd make the suggestion in case your looking for map ideas, may make a good map pack. In either case, keep up the great work and many thanks for this terrific mod.


Dienstag, 28. August 2012, 19:30

Yes, I've seen those gas masks while making the COOP for this map, really unpleasant feeling :)
But cloning this to EoD would be no good idea.
The agent orange (and other chemicals) were not used as a weapon but it was used to blow Charlie's cover in the jungle. And I controvert that Charlie used gas masks :thumbup: