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Utorak, 07 Kolovoz 2012, 14:46

Just to say thanks Lotte ;D

Just to say thanks to you all @EoD|Team ; EoD with a Core i7 and a GTX580, it brights too much !! I must wear sun glasses to play ;P
Thx, so beautifull, so beauty to play. Daffynitely needs the 2.50 !!

By the way thx to the guys @HSLan as well, and all who are running an EoD server.

FHT #14 - 15CH[3ID]-T5g-|DuckDAWorld

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Utorak, 07 Kolovoz 2012, 18:18

Thank you.

EoD is a good mod, which has been expanded over the years into a very good mod with a very high fun factor.
I think EoD just great and I love it for EoD maps to build.

Thanks also to Lotte and Ike and to the community and all the others I've forgotten. :)

hslan.Jackson | EoD

P.S.: Thank God there is Google Translate. :D


Četvrtak, 09 Kolovoz 2012, 16:45

Ah ben si besoin Jackson, je peux l'écrire en Français ;D
FHT #14 - 15CH[3ID]-T5g-|DuckDAWorld

{CC} DuckDAWorld {JA} - XFire/DuckDAWorld - GameTracker/DuckDAWorld


Petak, 10 Kolovoz 2012, 19:32

Je suis heureux. Je ne peux pas parler français. 8)