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martedì, 22. maggio 2012, 01:04

Map suggestion inspired by the movie Taegukgi


a while ago I watched Taegukgi (aka Brotherhood or Brotherhood of War), a movie about the Korean war. A great story aside, it has impressive battle scenes. The one depicted here (link removed due to age-restrictions, by EoD dev) inspired me to think about a possible new EoD map.

It would be a rather small map packed wirth infantry, mortars, anti air, machine guns, tanks and a some F4U Corsairs.

Allies would have to climb a heavily entrenched hill and conquer the communist HQ. Communists would have to defend it with all their might.

Here's a quick-and-dirty draft as a starting point:

The first problem that comes to my mind is imbalance: Communists would be clearly outgunned.

There could be only a few paths, the tanks could take. Maybe they should not be able to get beyond the first or second line. Fighter planes could be equipped with guns and bombs or just one of the above.

The ridge is up for discussion, as is everything else.

Update: Of course, the third line should also have MGs.



martedì, 22. maggio 2012, 19:19

Kannst das mal ins deutsche übersetzen. Mein Englisch ist nicht so gut. THX. :D


martedì, 22. maggio 2012, 20:05

@Jackson: unten links neben dem Menü siehst Du ein paar Flaggen.
Klick auf die Deutschland-Flagge und die ganze Seite wird Dir übersetzt, inkl. Forum!
Kannst natürlich auch spanisch wählen, kkk picha :D

@Topic: there should be no problem to build such a map and get a good balance.
We have some 'storm-the-front-maps' like this in the portfolio: Oma's beach, FarCry, Mission Impossible, some of the HillXY maps, Aftermath and many more.
But a big problem is to get the bots use the trenches.
Another thing is the, F4U Corsairs in Vietnam :huh:

I've got 2 maps left on my to-do-list.
This one is #3


martedì, 22. maggio 2012, 20:41

@Jackson: würde mich freuen, wenn der Auto-Übersetzer reicht, hehe.

@Lotte: That sounds great. You could, of course, replace the F4Us by Skyraiders or other prop planes.

I am looking forward to it. Keep up the good work, devs!


mercoledì, 23. maggio 2012, 19:39

Oki doki, hab es gesehen. THX. :D


mercoledì, 6. giugno 2012, 01:54

To my mind, the only F4U Corsairs used in the Viet Nam era were the French AeroNavale ones, during the Indochina War ("Guerre d'Indochine").

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mercoledì, 6. giugno 2012, 14:47

Well we have the Corsair F4u and the Dewoitine D.520 (Spifire as placeholder cause we have no real model) in Na San map.
But this should be a VC/NVA vs US/ARVN map, right mono?

WIP status: 10% :?:


mercoledì, 6. giugno 2012, 20:50

Well we have the Corsair F4u and the Dewoitine D.520 (Spifire as placeholder cause we have no real model) in Na San map.
But this should be a VC/NVA vs US/ARVN map, right mono?

WIP status: 10% :?:

The inspiration came from a South Korea vs North Korea battle, which is seemingly not up for debate.

I do not insist on it beeing a VC vs. US map, used the terms "Allies" and "Communists" to be as vague as possible and would be happy with any combination of "Armies".

Actually I would prefer my beloved F4U over any historical accuracy. (smiley)

Really looking forward to it,


domenica, 24. giugno 2012, 20:00

Hi the movie Taegukgi was so good .

Thanks Mono !
That was a fantastic movie. Reminds me of the U.S. civil war in some ways. Brother against brother and kinfolk against cousins.


domenica, 24. giugno 2012, 20:04

I'm glad you liked it. A great movie, indeed.


martedì, 26. giugno 2012, 12:32

Da hast du eine feine Skizze, für eine Map hingelegt Mono!
Klingt spannend!


venerdì, 29. giugno 2012, 16:33

WIP status: 95%

Map name: Commo Victor Charly (=VC bunkers)
Teams: NVA vs US

Vehicles US:
- 1 allied M-48 Patton
- 2 allied Jeeps with fast respawn
- 3 allied Hueys (spawn far away on a hill)
- 1 allied A-7 Corsair II (spawn far away on a hill)

Heavy weapons NVA:
- 1 SA-2 antiair rocket
- lots of ZPU-2
- lots of M-46 cannons
- lots of MG
- 2-3 mortars

Objective: allied troops have to storm the hill and take 4 flags to win the map. NVA has to defend the hill and has the weapons to do that :D

There are a lot of trenches so it will be prior an infantry map if the US troops are near to the hill.


venerdì, 29. giugno 2012, 17:49

You're my man! Thanks.


sabato, 30. giugno 2012, 10:43

Wie immer nice. Haste Urlaub ?? Weil du so schnell mit den Maps bist. :)


sabato, 30. giugno 2012, 13:29

Nee bin krank wegen einer ziemlich ansteckenden hartnäckigen Seuche.
Wir haben hier seit Wochen tropische Temperaturen und die Sommergrippe wird man da nur sehr schwer wieder los.
Hab sie zwei Wochen lang 'verschleppt' und jetzt reichts meinte der Doc.
Und die Maps hatte ich schon vor einiger Zeit angefangen, war also nicht mehr soooo viel zu tun dran.


sabato, 30. giugno 2012, 13:43

Interessantes Szenario. Alle machen Jagd auf den M48. :D
Sieht auch schön weitläufig aus.

Gute Besserung, Lotte. :)


sabato, 30. giugno 2012, 14:09

Ja, alles Gute. Hier im Nordosten grassierts auch seit Wochen.