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Friday, April 13th 2012, 1:01pm

Ok this may be wierd but I would like it

I don't know if its possible but could u make a map with really dense forest and small rock formations with ropebridges between them but no swamp I would really like it so at some parts you even can't walk and have to find an other way like over some mountains or even trough them but also some areas of tall grass mid in jungle where a helicopter could land like you have in the video before you see the menu All around the map would be bunkers some with small trenches and entrences to a underground tunnel system. But the most important thing is that there would be lots of trees and shadowplants like ferns. It shoudn't be night map. I would like it if there where only 4 helicopters like the medic huey the cobra the chinouk or watherver it is and the bushranger or something like that and also some airplanes with napalm but no land vehicles accept a few jeeps who can drive on a small part of the map. I would like the medic with blooper: the blooper should loungh smoke grenades ,normal rifleman with m16 :no spec forces ,the machinegunner ,the pilot :), engineer with shotgun and antitank unit for the amaricans and for nva the medic with ppsh and molotov cocktail ,rifleman with ak47 and molotov cocktail ,machinegunner, engineer, pilot and the anti tank unit.
I completly understand if it's too much work or if its impossible. :D


Friday, April 13th 2012, 8:40pm

Oh, I'm sure it's not impossible.
But it's impossible for me to read all the information in one sentence :D
Perhaps you can make a (check-)list?

Also you can google for vietnam pics and post it here if they are close to your imaginations.

Did you play all 240 maps of v2.40 ?
I'm sure there's already a map near to your imagination in the build.
First try out 'FarCry' map: dense jungle, rocks, ropebridges, water just at the coast. Few vehicles, M79 smoke and grenades, choppers except the spawn Chinooks.


Saturday, April 14th 2012, 11:46am

Ok here's a checklist tel me if it's still not good

-Dense forest all around the map: lots of tress, ferns and bushes

-Rocky map with 2 mountains and some rockformations in the forest(the map should be slightly eleveting from the american side to the NVA side)
(some paths like these like on closefire map the 2 mountains shouldnt be so high and still with lots of trees accept from about 4/5 of the mountains so only the top has almost no trees)

-A small river with the american patrol boat

-Lots of ropebridges and a tunnel complex wich you have to use on some places to be able to pass

(a part of the complex should be in one of the mountains but not the whole thing)
-Areas mid in jungle with tall grass where helicopters can land

(These are a little too big)
-Bunkers random placed around the map


-Some small trenches and ambush places(with punjabs or something like it)

(Don't look at the terrain it's just the trap)
-A few paths trough some parts of the jungle: none across the whole map(max length 1/3 of the length of 1 side of the map)

-Only some places are driveable on some little roads

-No swamp and no night map and no huge camps
(This is good but not too big)
-Everything should be capturable
-Airvehicles: 3 helicopters for america: the medic helicopter, the cobra and the bushranger, and 1 douglass skraider(the plane can only land on 1 small dirt airfield near the american spawn)
-For both teams 1 jeep
-For nva also a pt76 so they also have an advantage on land
-Units America: medic equiped blooper with smoke grenades, machinegunner, AT-unit, pilot, engineer with shotgun and rifleman with m16(no colt rifle)
-NVA units: the medic with ppsh and molotov cocktail ,rifleman with ak47 and molotov cocktail ,machinegunner, engineer, pilot and the AT-unit.
Thats it.


Saturday, April 14th 2012, 12:24pm

I played farcry and i think its allready pretty good but it's still not as dense as I want it I reall want to search for passages trough some parts of the map.


Saturday, April 14th 2012, 9:32pm

I have created a large tunel complex in the past, but in lack of creating realistic Light effects in 3dsmax (like it is in Galactic Concquest MOD) its still a W.I.P... It would be a nice map with this tunnel system. You can walk over (jungle) or go down to crawl like a tunnel rat.

It looks like this:

You talk the talk, do you walk the walk ?


Sunday, April 15th 2012, 9:36pm

Oh, just everything from EoD in one map.
The only thing that's missing is the B-52 flying through the tunnels.
Just kidding :D

Well a map like this is possible but not very good for online coop and sp games.
The reason: bots are not very brainy.
They will NOT use the trenches, they will NOT go through the tunnels and they will crash with the jeeps against EVERY tree around.
The infantry bots will stuck in the dense jungle and finally the human players will fight against - nothing but themselves.

But I'll try to create such a map without garantee that it will be a success in online/coop games.

I have created a large tunel complex in the past

The tunnel is part of v2.40 build (and BC42 LST file) so it can be used for new maps.
But bots will get stuck in it :S


Monday, April 16th 2012, 10:15pm

Lotte, it is still not finished...I think, i will continue the work on it. Make some traps, details and stuff like this. A Hull for a jungle over the tunnel complex is missed too.
You talk the talk, do you walk the walk ?


Friday, April 27th 2012, 4:05pm

Lolz B-52 flying trough the tunnel

But really is it possible and may it be included in next version?


Friday, April 27th 2012, 7:54pm

Yea, we can scale the tunnel complex for the B-52 and place them on "Infinite" :wacko:
I mean, it will look like flying a plane thru an a***hole :thumbup:
You talk the talk, do you walk the walk ?


Monday, May 7th 2012, 12:45pm

What we really need is a name for the map :?:

WIP status: 12% :D


Tuesday, May 8th 2012, 8:29pm

can we just vote or say names?


Tuesday, May 8th 2012, 9:14pm

Yes of course. Every good idea is welcome.

WIP status: 20%
and I begin to like it especialy the new skybox :love:
Can't wait to post some screenies but it's an early WIP and still looking like b**llsh*t at the moment.


Friday, May 11th 2012, 11:21am

WIP still at 20%
You can see the rockwall, a grass field and the beginning of the river village.
Of course still no lighting so the map is looking ugly.

We need a name for that map!


Saturday, May 12th 2012, 2:40pm

Omg I'm doing a monologue ^^

WIP status: 30%
Still no vegetation and lighting.

small hill-camp

rope bridges


Saturday, May 12th 2012, 7:04pm


Ich werde auch mal ein paar Screens posten, wenn ich mit meinen Maps weiter bin. :thumbsup:


Sunday, May 13th 2012, 8:22pm

ok ive got names or under siege or tour of duty-under siege because the idea actually came from this episode of tour of duty 8) (season one episode 14)


Monday, May 14th 2012, 7:42am

Hm, but this is no siege map :huh:


Monday, May 14th 2012, 12:57pm

Looks like great stuff for make a new map?
What do you think about to do all this stuff what do you post in one map?

INFINITE 2? (Biggest map in BF1942)

That would be very nice?

With different good Vietnam atmosphere Sounds.
And please change the BF 1942 buildings in EoD buildings, that look's be more nice!


Monday, May 14th 2012, 3:49pm

Hm, but this is no siege map :huh:
I know XD but the mission in the jungle in that episode was just EPIC it was totaly awesome :D and i could watch it over and over again. Actually i also dont know why its called under siege the only siege are like the last 20 minutes bit i liked the episode so thats why i vote this name.


Monday, May 14th 2012, 9:43pm

I just looked it up , it's episode 13 of the first season of "Tour of Duty" (aka "NAM " in Germany):


A captain joins the platoon as the new leader and is immediately popular with the men. His arrival is fortuitous because there is evidence that the North Vietnamese Army is planning a big push right over Firebase Ladybird. But Anderson (Terence Knox) is wary of the new captain's tactics.
So, why not call it "Firebase Ladybird", "Firebase" or "Ladybird". Nevertheless, thanks for the hint. I didn't know, this show existed.

@laux: So, wie ich das verstanden habe, wird das eine einzelne Map werden. (Afaik, it's going to be one map.)