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Wednesday, June 19th 2013, 2:25pm


@EoD|Lotte and the rest of the team,

I firmly believe another Vietnam era war game is now needed, something which takes up the slack from the original V I E T C O N G, and not another brief encounter of the FPS kind like CoD: BlackOps and Battlefield BadCompany 2.
That is what is really needed now.

To give my piece, my directing advice, focus on jungle warfare, small squad\patrol unit combat, amoungst the collection of jungle and villages add some French colonial architecture (V I E T C O N G), maintain player-controllable vehicles (Bf1942!), possibly add some heroes like Steve R. Hawkins and the cool Colonel guy from VC like the implementation of heroes in StarWars: Battlefront II, Non-Player Characters such as villagers and other civvy folk for a bit of scenic collateral (V I E T C O N G) and finally please try and get the AI to try and form 4-man squads instead of running all over the place like in Battlefield - They didn't even fix it in Bf2 and I swear I saw some of the old behaviours coming out in Bf3 at times ! ! !

Who would not like ferrying in and out AI 'patrols' in a UH-1 slick in a multiple village version of Waterfall [V I E T C O N G map]?

Anyway, All the Best!
Vietnam wargames For The Win! Screw the other periods!
I'd make my own or mods at least, but I oxy-cut mild steel plates and then punch holes in them now.
Mmmmm Factory Work, MmMmM!*

*The Deer Hunter, the movie.


Wednesday, June 19th 2013, 10:09pm

Well there's a long list of wishes. I have a collection of about some hundret of ideas.
But the main problem is, I do it all on my own - everything!
If you compare it with BF3/4 or any other professional game it may fail cause some hundret of people can do much more than one single person can do.

So for sure not everything will be released and not everything can be carried out and the most important thing is - I have a deadline of just one year.
So what can a single person do in a year while the big studios have a hundredfold of manpower?
I really try to do my very best and what I can see on the monitor is really awesome and I still hope the game will get a success to ensure the future of the game and last but not least my own future.

I've played around with some AI code and added a dozend of very basic bots into the game.
But this pushed Unity to the limit, the FPS fell down to <20 so there is a lot to do to get it working.

Just an example of todays work: I've coded a simple door function (with trigger, sounds and so on).
A whole day for just a simple door function!
I took hours to let the door rotate around it's left/right corner and not in the middle *lol* and some more hours to not kick the player through the house or into the sky.

It's a lot easier to use a finished game-engine and modify something than coding everything from scratch.
Right now I'm happy with every single part that works without trouble.

So it's up on you (players) to cheer me on :D


Wednesday, June 19th 2013, 11:53pm

Well, I cheer you on!!! :thumbsup: :whistling:

It would be good, if you would get some help.

Unfortunately I can't code/program/model etc.

Btw. will the environment (trees, buildings) be destructible?


Thursday, June 20th 2013, 4:59am

Ah... so many years, too many have passed now

@Lotte|EoD & team,

As Hauptman said, can't script, program or model these days.

Too many years have passed since the golden days of my endeavours now all I afford to do and I even then prey for completion of a Hue, Tet 1968 map I promised to many [AirCav] members and BfV players back in '08 ! !

If now were four, five years ago I'd be there Lotte, especially since ACTUAL capital is being committed for things that linger in the 'to be done' bin.

Gratefully I have since been able to continue my Boilermaker apprenticeship, this week I have been sick though, thats why I'm on here.

[salute] Soldier On! Though Lotte, Soldier On!
Vietnam wargames For The Win! Screw the other periods!
I'd make my own or mods at least, but I oxy-cut mild steel plates and then punch holes in them now.
Mmmmm Factory Work, MmMmM!*

*The Deer Hunter, the movie.


Wednesday, June 26th 2013, 5:35am

eod .16

I have a server running for eod .16 with .20 hot patch it also has bfv maps and the ww2 mod maps running as well but 10 maps like Charlie don't surf lang son night and hill937 and the op prairie maps are not working but the others do. I do not know why those maps are not working , and have tried to get help but not much luck. The server is bluesman6 eod.16 look for it on your eod multiplayer, if not their than try bfv or ww2 mod. depending on what map is running . I rented the server for a month as a trial but not many want to play because the best maps are not working. I hope the eod 3 is a Vietnam game and if in 3d that would be great I have a 3d setup. I will leave the maps that are not working at least for me and if you get on try the vote map for op prairie or Charlie don't surf to see if it works for you and let me know and if they don't will take them out of the rotation, any help would be great.

bluesman6 out