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Montag, 27. Februar 2012, 18:47

What happened to the sounds..? (Deaths)

Sometimes the Vietcong's getting hit sounds are from BF1942, and frequently I hear them die and they have Russian, British, German death sounds from BF1942.

Also, I really adore that you guys used the unused sounds for "Fire in the hole", "Take cover", and "Go go go". Noticed that for the US and British

Still, it's missing that "EAT LEAD" sound. The other charge.wav. You should replace "Let's go let's go let's go" completely, "EAT LEAD" is much more satisfying =) Cheers

P.S. Lotte I never wish to baserape you !! I was just passing by, awaiting your take-off, truce


Montag, 27. Februar 2012, 19:58

Cause of the female VC team I had to add some more death sounds to every male team.
The soundscript has now 16 instead of 6 death sounds.
There are several ways to do this
a) record new sounds (but the original speakers are not avaiolable atm :D )
b) duplicate the same sounds
c) add some death sounds form other teams

I decided c) was the best solution isn't it ?

baseraping is one of the things that can destroy any fun while gaming. Another thing are these crazy kamikaze killers.
Both are a problem on hslan server if no admin is present.
There are some guys who think they can break the rules if no admin is there.
So we (not just me) remember the players from time to time.