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Saturday, June 8th 2013, 11:34pm

Maps to be rebuild

Please post any map you want to see in EoD3-Redux.
Add up to 10 of your favorite maps.


Saturday, June 8th 2013, 11:54pm

Hi Lotte/EOD3

You know what, I'll have to go through the entire map list. I may be awake for two days straight and take off work for two days but I will submit a couple maps. :) There are just so many I like. Responding soon I hope.


Sunday, June 9th 2013, 10:17pm

Oh, yes! It will take a while but I'll be glad to compile a list.


Monday, June 10th 2013, 11:38pm

Easy piece of cake ;-)

1. Charlie don't surf
2. Battle at Ling Chow
3. Cowboys from Hell
4. Hue Imperial Palace
5. Hanoi Hilton
6. No where to run
7. Operation Chopper
8. Operation Marlboro
9. Some French map (can't remember the name - with planes though)
10. Tonkin Air engagement (if possible, otherwise Tunnelrats)

Yeah! :| :| :| :| :P


Sunday, June 16th 2013, 5:42pm

Right now I've got 14 maps/levels in progress, including remakes of:
- Bridge Ruin
- Charly don't surf
- Hanoi Hilton
- Mekong River
- Que Son Valley
- Truong Son Chasm
- We were soldiers once

Some maps/levels have the same name but nothing to do with it's original. They are totaly new built:
- Platoon
- Good Morning Vietnam
- Rolling Thunder
- Apocalypse Now
- The Ricepaddies

And these are some my favorite maps/levels I'd like to build:
- River Village
- Charlie Five
- Hidden Lake Valley
- Hue Imperial Palace
- Night Patrol
- Sa Pa
- Painted Black
- Tonkin Raid


Sunday, June 16th 2013, 6:58pm

Die oben genannten und:
-Camp Caroll
-Hai Van Paß
-Lang Vei
-No Where To Run
-River Bend
-Tet Offensive
-The Dust


Wednesday, June 19th 2013, 1:07pm

- Tonkin Raid
- Broken Arrow
- Cowboys From Hell
- Hai Van Pass
- Hidden Lake Valley
- Lam Son
- Marble Mountain
- Mekong River
- Painted Black
- River Village


Friday, June 21st 2013, 7:48pm

- Hanoi Hilton
- Charlie don't Surf
- Apocalypse Now
- Operation Union
- Da Nang
- Hue Imperial Palace
- Mission Impossible
- Night Patrol
- No Where to run
- Operation Flaming Dart

Jax :thumbsup:


Saturday, June 22nd 2013, 5:30pm

Mann , Mann ich überleg schon 3 Tage und kann mich net festlegen, wollt mich nur mal melden wegen NICHT vorhandenem Desinteresse. Das sind über 230 Maps und nur mal so über'n Daumen 10 davon aus meiner Sicht "Schrott" (was nur heißt sie gefallen MIR net) , das macht die Auswahl nicht besonders leicht. Ich hoffe ich hab am Sonntag mal ne Stunde oder zwei Zeit dafür.

Nix fa uhguud...


Saturday, June 22nd 2013, 9:27pm

240 Maps :D
Die alle umzusetzen dürf´te wegen Personalmangels schwierig sein.
Naja, machen wir später ein Deluxe Gold XXL Paket draus :D


Wednesday, June 26th 2013, 1:43pm


Maps, MaPs, MapS are always a hard point, just look at CS when they went to make CS:CZ ! !

I wonder if the Red Orchestra guys would have better advice on this, hmmm.

Some sort of chronology (without sacrificing playerbase interest in some botched historical scenario) wouldn't be bad between maps and levels.

I'm only advocating one map:
Green Hell (Sgt|Killboy@2006, I think it showed a lot what was possible in level design for Bf1942)
Vietnam wargames For The Win! Screw the other periods!
I'd make my own or mods at least, but I oxy-cut mild steel plates and then punch holes in them now.
Mmmmm Factory Work, MmMmM!*

*The Deer Hunter, the movie.


Wednesday, June 26th 2013, 4:29pm

I just know only 1 person who likes this map. :thumbup:


Wednesday, June 26th 2013, 4:39pm

It is beautiful and the huts in the trees remind me of an Ewok village. But as a player I must say that there are better maps.


Wednesday, June 26th 2013, 8:04pm


how about these
bad moon rising reprisal
hill 937
lang son night
operation prairie the prelude
operation prairie the rockpile
siagon jungle


Thursday, June 27th 2013, 1:19pm

So nun kommt meine Auswahl von 10 , mit gaaaaaaanz schlechtem Gewissen gegenüber all den anderen tollen Maps :

River Bend
Charlie Five
Pho Nung
Sa Pa
The Cave
Battle at Ling Chow
River Village
Agent Orange
EoD Sea Fight
und und und .....

Gruß Brave


Thursday, June 27th 2013, 1:25pm

Ich als Grabenkrieger und M60-Fetischistin wünsch mir natürlich,
Trommelwirbel ......

The Fall of Hue
Broken Arrow
Hanoi Hilton
Hamburger Hill
Hue Imperial Palace
Lang Son
Operation Forager


Thursday, June 27th 2013, 9:34pm

Uiuiui, bis jetzt gibt es nur wenige eindeutige Tendenzen/Mehrfachnennungen. Das wird schwierig. Am liebsten hätte ich natürlich auch (fast) alle, aber............... 2026 ? 8o


Monday, July 1st 2013, 7:04pm

Tja, ich nenn jetzt einfach mal keine Karten, denn ich bin mir sicher:

- das Spiel wird nach Release weiterentwickelt und damit sicherlich in erster Linie immer weitere Maps geben.
- XXL Gold? erst mal Silver dann Gold, meinetwegen dann XXL Gold und sicherlich auch noch Platin und wir werden sicherlich von Anfang bis denn zum Ende wieder ein bis zweihundert maps haben :) oder sogar mehr?

Wer weiß denn schon, wie sich dann eine Community entwickelt, die alte Maps umsetzt und/oder neue entwickelt.

Tatsache ist: ich freue mich auf das neue Spiel! und ich freue mich auf die neue Hanoi Hiton (ooops, jetzt habe ich doch noch ne Map genannt :D )


Thursday, August 8th 2013, 5:38pm

-Battle of Dien Bien Phu (with French Foreign Legion)
-Ho Chi Min Trail
-Battle At Quang Tri
-Hamburger Hill
-Struggle through Cambodia
-The Cave


Monday, August 12th 2013, 5:59pm

-Saigon Jungle
-Hill 937
-Khe Sanh
-Charlies Point Night
Rice paddies night
-River Canyon
-River Patrol

-Radio tower
-Operation Frog

And thanks for asking! :!: :wacko: