Eve of Destruction Battlefield 2

Players Guide

Welcome to an exciting adventure in the Jungles of Vietnam! Before you begin your journey into the depths, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with certain gameplay aspects of Eve of Destruction.

For the most enjoyment and satisfaction.
Try and always play within a squad. Work together with your teammates to accomplish goals and capture control points.
Keep in mind that the equipment within the mod build is varied and setup to accomplish specific tasks.
Equipment is designed to be fully manned by teammates and personnel whenever possible.

Below, please find some quick hints to help your experience with Eve of Destruction.

Vehicles - There are many vehicles within Eve of Destruction.
Most of them function very similiar to regular Battlefield 2. However, there are some differences between BF2 equipment and Eve of Destruction equipment. Especially, with regard to the helicopters.


First - All helicopters require a "WARM UP" period. You cannot just jump into a Eve of Destruction helicopter and immediately take off. You MUST wait approximately 25 seconds before you try and lift off. If you try and lift off earlier than this, you will experience some disastorous results. You will know when the helicopter is ready to fly. The sound of the engine and that of the rotor blades will reward your ears with the welcomed, "Whomp, Whomp", telling you the engine is on speed and ready to go. At this time, you may lift off and proceed on your way. Once airborne, you will find that the helicopters fly very nicely.

The Huey Gunship:
The Huey Gunship requires a crew of two to function the best. When you first get into the helicopter. You will notice that the pilot does not have a gunsight available within his view. In order to bring down the gunsight into the view of the pilot. You must hold down your right mouse button to lower the sight. This takes approximately 10 seconds. During this time, do not release your right mouse button until the sight is fully lowered into your line of sight. In order to raise the gunsight. You must exit the pilot position.

The Copilot of the Huey has control of the mini-guns. They will flex up and down. Firing is accomplished with the left mouse button. The Copilot's right mouse button contains a special feature found on all the helicopters of the US side. Holding down the right mouse button will play, "Ride of the Valkaries", for as long as the button is held. Letting go of the button will stop the music.

The Huey Medevac:
The Huey Medevac is just a normal chopper with a special feature. Like the Gunship, it too will play music. The music is played from the Pilot's seat on the right mouse button. The Copilot of the Medevac chopper is able to supply his teammates with health packs. When in the Copilot's seat. The medical health bags can be dropped by pressing the left mouse button. Where the Copilot looks is the direction that the health bag will be released. It is best to deploy medical bags when slow and close to the intended person.

The Cobra Gunship:
The Cobra Gunship is pretty much self explanatory. It is very similiar to the Cobra found within BF2. The Pilot of the gunship has control of AP and AT rockets. The Copilot, controls both a mini-gun and a 40 mm grenade launcher. Caution should be exercised when in the Copilot's seat and close to the ground or on a landing area/pad. Should the 40 mm grenade launcher be fired. There is the risk and possibility that the crew within the Cobra could be killed and the chopper damaged. This is due to the blast and splash damage of the 40 mm grenade exploding under the nose of the chopper.

Huey Slicks "C" and "D" models:
There is nothing fancy about these two birds. Both are unarmed, with the exception of door gunners with M60's. Each will also play music from the Pilot position, by holding down the right mouse button.

The H34 Choctaw:
The early bird of Vietnam. While not a common chopper to be found in the jungle. The H34 did serve the US in a variety of missions. It was mostly used for rescue operations and light cargo transport.

The Mi8 Attack:
The Standard Vietnamese heavy chopper. Pilot has control of rockets to attack ground targets. There is a 12.7mm heavy machine gun that can be controlled by a Copilot for use against infantry and other equipment. In addition to the nose mounted mg. Side mounted MG's are also available.

The Mi8 Transport:
Like its brother above. The Mi8 Transport is very similiar to operation with the BF2 Mi-17 helicopter.

OH-6 Loaches:
You will find two different AH/OH 6 "Loach" helicopters within Eve of Destruction. One is equipped with a side mounted M60 and a Minigun and the other is strictly for troop transport. Caution should be exercised when in a high AA environment. It is possible to be shot out of the chopper, due to the lack of doors.

Eve of Destruction does contain some very manueverable boats and sea craft. Within the mod build are a PBR, Sampan and PACV. The PACV is capable of traveling not only on water, but on land. The PBR and Sampan are very manueverable to get into some really tight areas. Practice is required for the best results with all the water craft within Eve of Destruction. These are not your grandpa's boats from the 50's.

Weapons of the EoD mod are very similiar to vanilla BF2 weapons in their operation. No need to go into great detail. They are accurate and deadly.

There are no sniper spawn kit classes. If you want to be a sniper in Eve of Destruction. Then you will need to find a pickup kit with a sniper rifle in it. Not all maps contain sniper rifles. Therefore, while you might find a niper rifle kit on one map, it does not mean that there will be a kit on another map.

On some maps, there are AT pickup kits for defense against armored targets. Saigon Jungle 1968, is a good example of a map that has pickup AT kits. Look for them in guard posts, buildings and on top of crates.

Commander position is available within Eve of Destruction. However, as the commander you are not able to zoom all the way into ground level to call out troops. There is also no scan or uav's available with the commander position. Artillery and supply boxes are available on some maps.