Eve of Destruction · Battlefield 1942



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To play EoD classic you first have to install Battlefield 1942.
Patch BF42 to version 1.60 and then to 1.61 (patch links in our download section).

Full version install:
to get a working game you have to delete any older version of EoD first !
Overwriting one mod build with another can cause issues with the installation.
Do this manually by deleting the folder 'EoD' in C:\..........\Battlefield 1942\Mods.
Now install the new version !

Patch install:
just install over an existing full version. This will update the game.

Client EXE file: just run it and select the correct install folder.
ZIP files: unzip the files to a temporary folder and move EoD to C:\..........\Battlefield 1942\Mods.

In our Download section you can find a sample of a correct installed directory.

If you don't install to the correct folder, EoD may not work !

Create a new desktop icon with these properties:

- Program: C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\BF1942.exe" +game eod
- Icon: C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods\EoD\Eve_Of_Destruction.ico

create desktop icon



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Um EoD spielen zu können zuerst mal Battlefield 1942 installieren.
Anschließend Battlefield 1942 auf Version 1.60 und dann auf 1.61 patchen
(Links zu den Patches in unserer Download Sektion).

Vollversion installieren:
vor der Installation bitte ältere Versionen von EoD löschen !
Am besten manuell den Ordner 'EoD' in C:\..........\Battlefield 1942\Mods löschen.
Wenn man einfach die ältere Version überschreibt, funktionieren Internet-Games nicht korrekt oder das Game startet gar nicht bzw. stürzt ab.
Erst nach dem löschen kann die neue Version installiert werden.

Patch installieren:
einfach den Patch über die Vollversion installieren und man ist auf dem neuesten Stand.

EXE-Installer: ausführen und den korrekten Pfad angeben (Vorsicht ! Vorgegeben ist der englische Pfad !)
ZIP-Dateien: in ein temporäres Verzeichnis entpacken und anschließend den Ordner 'EoD' nach C:\..........\Battlefield 1942\Mods verschieben.

In unserer Download Sektion befindet sich ein Beispiel für ein korrekt installiertes Verzeichnis.

Bitte unbedingt während der Installation den korrekten Pfad auswählen !
Der Installer ist auf englisch eingestellt (C:\Program Files\...).
Dies bitte unbedingt ändern (C:\Programme\...) !

Erstelle ein neues Desktop Icon mit folgenden Eigenschaften:

- Programm: C:\Programme\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\BF1942.exe" +game eod
- Icon: C:\Programme\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods\EoD\Eve_Of_Destruction.ico



Crashed to desktop ?

There are different reasons why the game will crash to desktop sometimes.
Here some examples:

Windows Vista/ all Windows 64Bit versions

·  Vista will crash the game cause there are some issues with the Punkbuster
   anti-cheat system. Just disable PB in game.
disable PunkBuster

·  The game has to be started in Windows 98 mode (right click on icon / properties...)

Wrong BF version

·  Be sure BF1942 v1.6 AND v1.61 patches are installed !

·  Damaged no-CD patch.

Wrong MOD installation

·  maybe you have installed to a wrong folder ?

·  Overwriting one mod build with another one can cause issues with the installation.
   Before you begin the installation of a full please delete any older version manually!



Players Guide

Welcome to an exciting adventure in the Jungles of Vietnam!
Before you begin your journey into the depths, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with certain gameplay aspects of Eve of Destruction. For the most enjoyment and satisfaction.

Below, please find some quick hints to help your experience with Eve of Destruction.

there are several types of vehicles: planes, jeeps, tanks, boats, helicopters.
Each vehicle may have one or more weapons. It would be too much to explain every weapon so simply try it !
Use the left and right mouse button cause some weapons have two functions !

For example the Cobra helicopter has 4 (!) weapons. Two types of rockets and Co-Pilot has a minigung and grenadelauncher.
Another example: trucks and jeeps have a horn and sometimes a radio, so if the co-driver presses fire a radiosound will be played (same on some hueys copilot seats).

Some transport vehicles have a ramp. For example the CH-47 'Chinook', the C-130 or the Tango riverboat.
You'll have to define the keys in game options to use it.

If bots have stolen a vehicle just go to the vehicle and press the 'enter vehicle button' several times or try radio command 'leave vehicle' (F6-F7).
Sometimes this works but if a bot is aiming an enemy they will NOT leave the vehicle.

on some maps there are landingzones marked by a coloured smokegrenade.
You can pick on some players or bots with a Huey and transport them to the LZ's.
Once you fly over the smoke the bots will jump out. But don't forget: some maps are without parachutes !

They can repair vehicles, plant bombs and landmines. To deactivate bombs and mines kneel down and use the wrench !